Naztech Introduces the TRiO USB-C Car Charger with Power Delivery March 28, 2018

Trio hero blog

LOS ANGELESMarch 28, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Naztech, innovator of next-generation charging solutions, announced the release of its TRiO USB-C PD 27W Car Charger, a powerful, triple-ported power source, able to fast charge smartphones, tablets, wearables, and even laptops, using the latest USB PD technology.

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Galaxy S9 and 9+ are Coming– and Hypercel is Ready! February 23, 2018


The first major smartphone of 2018 looms near, as Samsung will present their hotly anticipated Galaxy S9 in mere days.The leading Android phone company is all geared up to unveil their next flagship phone this February 25, a day before the Mobile World Congress kickoff, and many believe it’ll be a repeat performance of  their previous model as a veritable iPhone X upstager. And Hypercel will be ready, showcasing new products to enhance the S9 experience (more on this later).

 Last year, the Galaxy S8 proved to be a huge success for the company. The leaks, however, suggest the S9 is taking it to an even further level, incorporating new touch-screen technology (while keeping its all-screen, edge-to-edge display), and featuring improved processors.  Pre-orders for new Galaxy S9 should be available online March 1, with deliveries to the first customers by Friday, March 16.

 At first glance, the Samsung Galaxy S9 may feel like déjà vu to those familiar with the S8. It’s got a 5.8-inch display, same as the Galaxy S8 (the S9+ is 6.2 inches) and both models are hanging onto their rear fingerprint scanners. But they’ve also added new iris and facial sensors, a significant leap forward from their predecessor’s iris scanner.

The S9 and S9+ are also equipped with the same Infinity Displays as their predecessors, with unchanged sizes and resolutions– 5.8-inch and 6.2-inch Super AMOLED panels with the signature unorthodox 2960×1440 pixels. The screen’s position has been altered ever-so-slightly, however, and the bottom bezel is marginally smaller.

samsung s9 camera

Probably the crowning feature for both Galaxy S9 and S9+ phones are their cameras. Both come with variable aperture lenses—f/1.5 and f/2.4—and the rear cameras have 12mp sensors, optical image stabilization and fast focus, while the selfie cam sports an 8mp camera, f/1.7 aperture and autofocus. The S9+’s second camera has a F/2.4 aperture. Samsung has been promoting its dual camera technology a lot these past few months, particularly about the ISOCELL camera sensors. The 3-stack, fast-readout sensor will allow a smartphone camera to have “DSLR-like photo experiences such as greater light sensitivity, depth effects and sharper brightness in all conditions,” according to Samsung.

Reports also indicate there will likely be a super slomo mode (at a high resolution) as well as a 960fps video option.

Jumping on the Animoji train, Samsung is also equipping its S9 and S9+ with a 3D emoji feature which apparently functions very similarly to Apple Animoji, but which Samsung says is, in some ways, better. Perhaps they are referring to the added feature where the user can create 3D animations of their faces, complete with masks, and that masks can be added to a photo after it’s taken.

The Galaxy smartphones will be powered by crazy-fast Exynos 9810 (Europe) and Snapdragon 845 (US and other regions) chips, and ship with 4GB and 6GB of RAM (the S9+ is rumored to be getting more RAM). Out-of-the-box, the phones will come with 64GB of storage, upgradeable with a microSD card. The rumor mill’s been whispering that 256GB and 512GB versions are in the works, but for now just stick that in the “Wait and See” basket.

S9 and S9+ will have 3,000 and 3,500mAh batteries, respectively, just like the S8. Also like the S8 version, the S9 and S9+ will utilize wireless Adaptive Fast Charge tech, sporting 15W of power (9V @ 1.67A).

Galaxy S( HyperGear colors

Other features include dual-SIM slots, USB-C support, AKG-tuned stereo speakers and Bluetooth 5.0. There are no solid leaks about a 3.5mm headphone jack, but the port’s there, so expect it. The phones will be IP68 certified for water and dust protection, and ship in four colors: Midnight Black, Titanium Gray, Lilac Purple, and Coral Blue.

No hard facts yet on pricing for the phones, but reports have placed the S9 at $850 in the US, £789 in the UK. Slap on an additional $100-150 for the 9+.

Hypercel’s Naztech and HyperGear brands are both gearing up for the new Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ releases! Naztech will be stocking premium-quality, tech-compatible screen protection, a wide selection of custom-design phone cases and powerful chargers– including  super-speed USB Power Delivery (USB PD) products, such as 18W and 60W portable batteries, 45W wall charger and 30W car charger. HyperGear is also ramping up, with the latest powerful car and wall chargers, power banks, Bluetooth speakers and headgear, lightning-fast charging cables and more. Visit Naztech and HyperGear sites, and stay tuned for further updates!

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Hypercel Wraps Up Successful Exhibit at CES 2018 January 12, 2018

CES show

LAS VEGAS /PRNewswire/ — Hypercel, innovator of award-winning consumer electronics, finished an outstanding week at CES 2018 after unveiling its latest Naztech, HyperGear and Hello Gorgeous brand gear. Presenting to a record-breaking show crowd, Hypercel’s exhibit was its most successful to date, introducing new mobile products designed to power the technology of the future.

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HyperGear Dual USB Battery Packs – Peace of Mind On the Go January 11, 2018


Being off the grid might sound like freedom for some, but it’s a big pain in the tuchus when you’re in the middle of nowhere with a dead phone. It’d be a great predicament to IG or tweet to followers, but, oh wait– the phone’s dead! Seriously mobile devices are notorious for getting stuck somewhere, low on power and without an outlet. Nope, not a good time to be off the grid. That’s why HyperGear’s Dual USB Portable Battery Packs with Digital Readout are heaven-sent in a pinch.

Available in 8000, 12000, 16000 and 20000 mAh, these high-capacity portable power stations are shockingly lightweight for the charging power they dish out. They all feature a well-lit, numeric power level indicator, so there’s no guessing how much juice is left. The dual USB ports are engineered with Smart Chip Technology, able to gauge and adjust exactly how much power to give the devices– and adjust accordingly– for fast n’ furious and simultaneous charging.  Plus, since no one (that I know of, anyway) likes to wait for their charger to recharge, all the units are built with 2A micro USB input ports that madly suck up fresh power in half the time it takes 1A adapters. The Dual USB Battery Packs’ housing have a sleek, two-toned, matte-gloss finish, so not only do they look more expensive, they feel great in your hand. Made with quality stuff and drop-kick-tested for superior quality, all of these Battery Packs slip easily into a pocket or backpack, ready to bolt.

But, which one to get? This might help:


If you’re a daily road warrior with a smartphone that keeps flirting with death before you get home, check out the Dual USB 8000mAh Battery Pack. Yes, it’s small, and yes, it’s light, but it can charge a phone (1A) and tablet (2.4A) from empty to full, simultaneously, with plenty of juice to spare.  Put it another way, it’ll charge a smartphone up to 3 times before needing refueling. $34.99.

dual usb 12000 battery pack

For those who want a little more juice between recharges, check out the robust Dual USB 12000mAh Battery Pack. Weighing in at a lean 10½ ounces, this sleek welterweight delivers the same simultaneous double charge as the 8000, but can go a further distance, able to power a smartphone up to 4 times before needing to reenergize.  It can also fully feed an iPad mini twice or an iPad Air once. $39.99.

dual usb 16000 battery pack

Stay amped for the duration with HyperGear’s reliable, portable Dual USB 16000mAh. Created for emergencies, epic parties and long journeys, this mighty mobile power station houses enough energy to charge smartphones, tablets and notebooks, and power two devices simultaneously– from depleted to chock full– 8 times in a single charge. $44.99.

dual USB 20000 battery pack

Travel safely with plenty of power when using the mammoth Dual USB 20000mAh. Mighty enough to deliver a massive output of power and quickly charge multiple devices, but secure and compact enough to be taken on airplanes, the 20000 is ready for the long haul, to keep you charged and connected.  Capable of rapid charging devices from drained to full up to 10 times, you’ll always be filled to the brim with power. $54.99

For staying charged on-the-go wherever life takes you, and never, ever worrying about a dead phone, again, pick up the HyperGear Dual USB Portable Battery Pack that best fits your lifestyle. Then get another one for someone else and put it under the tree. And keep on tweeting.


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USB Power Delivery – The Future of Fast Charging is Here January 8, 2018

Discussions keep popping up about all the different breeds of chargers in the mobile tech ecosystem: USB 3.0, Micro USB, USB-C, Qualcomm® Quick Charge™, wireless chargers. That said, USB-PD, one of the more recent entries, seems to be the cream rising to the top, and for good reason.

USB-PD medium

USB Power Delivery is a charging technology that uses USB-C cables and connectors to deliver higher levels of power to your devices. There are four huge benefits to USB-PD:

  1. It charges way fast, capable of powering a device up to 70% faster than standard charging.
  2. It tears down the walls of limited charger capability, and the same USB-PD charger can efficiently power everything from a headset to a smartphone to a powerful laptop– up to 100W!– negotiating just the right amount of voltage and current required for optimal charging. This eliminates the need for a separate power brick for each unit, not to mention clutter, e-waste and outlet shortage.
  3. USB-PD is a single charging standard that’s compatible with any device and works seamlessly with other USB formats. That’s a welcome change in a world where each new smartphone brings with it a new charger. It’s a valuable future-proof option to have. In stark contrast, the closest competitor, Quick Charge™ 3.0, can muster up to 60W and is only compatible with a handful of devices. USB-PD, as stated, works with all.
  4. With the USB-PD standard, power flows in both directions, so it’s possible to share power between both host and peripheral devices. For example, plugging into the USB-C port of both devices, you could charge your friend’s phone with your own. And, as it needs no proprietary gear to deliver a charge, you can even plug your big ol’ backup HDD– which normally needs an external power source– directly into your laptop with only one cable, and get an even faster DTR (data transfer rate).


In the coming years, expect to see USB-PD’s presence in cables, adapters and chargers expand aggressively, and most flagship devices (like the iPhone X) based around the rapid-charging and data-transfer capabilities that USB-PD offers. In short, it’s the future of power.

Hypercel is also embarking on a new line of Naztech USB Power Delivery products which should be available for order March 2018. Visit for updates.

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Qi Wireless Charging: What You Should Know December 27, 2017

Qi with iphone

Wireless charging is one of the hottest technology trends in 2017, which only promises to explode epidemically in 2018 with the advent of tons of new products featuring wireless capability. So, it probably bears some discussion as to what that all means, and does it have any influence on your future purchases.

If it isn’t already clear, wireless charging (or inductive charging) is a high-tech feature that allows your mobile device to charge without plugging in a cable. Or for the inner nerd, it’s when an alternating current in the charger’s transmitter coil generates a magnetic field which converts into electricity in the mobile device’s receiver coil when it rests upon the charger. This voltage can then be used to power the mobile device’s battery.

Although a number of different wireless charging technologies have jockeyed for top position, the Qi (pronounced “chee”– from the Chinese word meaning “vital energy”) format has become the accepted standard for wireless charging– especially since Apple opted to make their iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X all Qi-ready (after all, when Apple speaks…). This is great news, actually, because it means customers can purchase a third-party charger for their Qi-ready phone instead of a costly proprietary one, should they so choose.

An issue that can arise with other wireless charging systems is when a foreign metallic object is placed on or near the charger. If this occurs, the charger might generate currents that flow in the object, depending on its magnetic nature, and the object gets hot. To prevent this, the Qi system is engineered to sense the presence of metal objects and immediately cut the charge, ensuring that only proper Qi-ready mobile devices are coupled and receive energy. This is called Foreign Object Detection (FOD), a feature that all Qi-standard chargers have.

The benefits of Qi-ready, as opposed to the old-school wired format, are convincing enough to comfortably go that route when shopping for your next phone:

  1. Qi is already the most widely adopted global wireless standard and has been embraced by hundreds of leading manufacturers– and that number’s only growing.
  2. No plugging and unplugging power cords. The frustration of multiple, sometimes incompatible charging cables is now a non-issue. Qi has literally cut the cord for mobile devices.
  3. It’s a fully-matured, proven standard–not just a promise for the future or a test market.
  4. The Qi has a home where the buffalo roam: The technology’s widespread adoption includes many locations where charging is most needed, including airports, restaurants, gyms, hotels and offices. Wireless chargers are already at hundreds of Starbucks locations across the U.S
  5. Over 50 of the top-selling, new smartphones are Qi-ready, including Apple, Android, Blackberry devices, so chances are good the one you’re eyeing is ready to rock.


Caveat emptor, baby. Some manufacturers use misleading verbiage to hide the fact that their products are not Qi-certified. Beware of phrases like “Qi-compatible,” “Qi-compliant,” “Qi-approved,” “Qi-friendly” or “works with Qi.” It’s impossible to know how compatible those suckers really are on face value. Thankfully, the Wireless Power Consortium has assembled a Qi Certified Product Database that lists all officially tested and approved Qi-enabled products. Also, only Qi-certified products will have the official “QI” logo as seen below.

Qi logo 2

If you do finally get  locked and loaded with a Qi setup, then you should immediately download the Aircharge locator app, a wireless charging guide with over 4,800 Qi hotspots This app is available for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile.

Amazing things are happening in mobile technology and Qi wireless charging is an exciting next step. It’s the perfect time to start researching for your next device and enjoying the freedom that only wireless gives.

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HyperGear 2017 Christmas Gift Guide December 15, 2017

Now that mobile gear has pretty much dominated our lives, it’s no wonder with all the peripherals and accessories out there, that all everyone on your gift list wants is a little slice of tech heaven. So, consider this article about HyperGear’s latest products a tech-gift cheat-sheet, sure to garner some good cheer. And if one of those lucky recipients gets a little friendly under the mistletoe, don’t say I didn’t warn you.



Beast XL

Stop your loved one from squeezing the life out of their smartphone by trying to make it their sound system… in the backyard, at the pool, while taking a shower. Bless its heart, the phone wants to be there for them, but it just wasn’t made to be a boombox. It’s time to unleash The Beast– the Beast XL Wireless Speaker, that is. This portable powerhouse was engineered to perform in all kinds of gnarly conditions, pumping outstanding Hi-Fi acoustics and a deep, pounding bass that not only gets the party started, but keeps it going for 16 solid hours—anytime, anywhere. Loaded with 5 dynamic drivers, 2 passive bass radiators, 2 acoustic tweeters and thundering subwoofer, this acoustic force majeure “goes to 11,” filling big spaces with high levels of strong, sweet sound—and no distortion! It’s housed in a rugged, rubberized enclosure made for the outdoors, and uses advanced wireless technology to stay connected up to 30 feet. There’s also a 3.5mm AUX cable for non-wireless gear. But wait, there’s more: the Beast also performs as a speakerphone and can easily take or make calls, hands-free. The Beast XL wireless speaker will quickly become their constant companion, inside and out, rain or shine. And just try getting them out of the shower. $49.75 at Amazon.

MagBuds xmasblog2



For the dedicated gym rat in your life, consider the funky-looking, workout-friendly wireless MagBuds. These awesome aluminum alloy earphones house powerful 10mm neodymium drivers, delivering incredible Hi-Fi and heart-pounding bass that’ll energize their endorphin-addled beefcake to the next level. These sweat-proof MagBuds were designed with ergonomic ear gels that fit snugly in the canals for maximum noise isolation, sealing in the music and shutting out the grunt-n-clank riff-raff. Flexible ear fins secure them in place, even through the toughest of workouts. Powerful magnets firmly lock the earbuds together around their neck when not in use. Eye-catching and innovative, the MagBuds are a great accessory for the gym, running, hiking, by the pool or vegging in the Barcalounger after a long workout. $49.99.



For the price of a drive-thru lunch, you can exponentially enhance someone’s Christmas morning– and whole year for that matter– with an eye-popping pair of HyperGear dBm Wave Pastel Earphones. These most-worthy in-ear headphones fuse brilliant color with high-tech components for a truly pleasurable audio experience. Thrusting wave after wave of technicolor HD sound into the cranium, the dBms employ powerful 10mm neodymium drivers, delivering smooth stereo sound with enhanced bass and crisp treble tuneage. Available in groovy rose, teal or lilac, they come with three size options of silicone ear gels for locked-in freshness of sound and blocking out the extra-auditory hubbub. They also come with a cool flat cable that’s impervious to tangles, and an intuitive remote control that smoothly switches between music and calls. These earphones are so money– but for $9.99 you wouldn’t know it. And they don’t have to.

Dual_USB_Portable_Battery_Pack xmasblog

Dual USB Power Bank

Being off the grid might sound like freedom, but it’s a big pain in the tush when you’re in the middle of nowhere with a dead phone. It’d be a great predicament to IG or tweet to followers, but, oh wait– the phone is dead! That’s why the HyperGear’s Dual USB Portable Battery Pack with Digital Readout is such an awesome Christmas gift (you would even say it glows).  Available in 8000, 12000, 16000 and 20000 mAh, these invaluable portable power stations are shockingly lightweight for the charging power they dish out. They all feature a well-lit, numeric power level indicator, so there’s no guessing how much juice is left. Using Smart Chip Technology, the two USB ports can gauge and exactly how much power to give the devices—and adjust accordingly– for fast n’ furious and simultaneous charging.  Plus, since no one (that I know of, anyway) likes to wait for their charger to recharge, they’re all built with 2A micro USB input ports that savagely suck up fresh power in half the time it takes 1A adapters. The Dual USB Battery Packs’ housing sport a sleek, two-toned, matte-gloss finish, so not only do they look more expensive, they feel great in your hand. Made with quality stuff and drop-kick-tested for superior quality, all of the Battery Packs slip easily into a pocket or backpack, ready to bolt. Ranging from $34.99-$54.99.

Wireless_Gift_Set xmasblog

Wireless Gift Set

Gear up or go home.  If your certain someone has a smartphone (and if they don’t, you should rethink your relationship), tablet, mp3 player, etc., HyperGear’s Wireless Gift Set’s got them covered.  This awesome combo kit comes complete with ultra-comfortable over-the-ear headphones, powerful sport earbuds and a pounding portable speaker, so whatever the occasion, they’ll be equipped with the perfect wireless device. So light they feel weightless, the headphones’ 40mm neodymium drivers deliver thumping bass, no-holds-barred mids and crystal highs for a full-on sensory sound experience. When your friend goes off somewhere to sweat, they’ll also enjoy the total immersion of the snugly caressing high-fidelity ear buds. And when they’re ready to share the love of their playlist, the massive-sounding mini speaker will take the party to realms never before imagined. $69.99

sound_tower xmasblog

 Sound Tower

One of the unfortunate outcomes of Christmas shopping is that you find stuff you really covet and end up getting for yourself, too. This is one of those times. Every home should have one of these units. The stylish, ultra-slim Sound Tower Wireless Speaker sits beautifully in the corner of any room, yet fills the whole place with pristine acoustics and a thumping bass that makes you look around for the monster stereo system. Equipped with dual 5W speakers and powerful advanced wireless technology, the portable Sound Tower is always ready to get the party started, indoors or out. Grip-friendly and totally free to go wherever the action is, the wireless speaker can wander up to 33 feet from its sound source and play up to 8 hours of non-stop tuneage. It can also serve as a speakerphone and take or make the occasional call. In classic black or eye-popping teal, this is sure to be a hit with whoever gets it (including you). $39.99


iPhone X Premium Tempered Glass

Does the lucky person on your “Nice” list have a new iPhone X? Then, my friend, look no further. HyperGear’s Premium Tempered Glass is the perfect gift for the X owner. We’ve all witnessed the profound despair of someone with a brand new phone that’s got a big, ol’ crack on the screen. And the iPhone X’s thousand-dollar face is ALL screen– it’s just begging for it. Designed specifically for the X, HyperGear’s Premium Tempered Glass provides the ultimate armor for the screen. Its deceptively ultra-thin window is actually constructed of FOUR layers of drop-scratch-shatter-proof Japanese Asahi Glass and boasts a bulletproof 9H hardness rating, a compelling reason, by itself to get it. Its laser-cut tapered edges provide a perfect, second-skin fit and the surface is custom-made to accommodate Apple’s pressure-based 3D Touch Technology, perfectly mimicking bare-screen accuracy. $9.99 MSRP. Or, if they’re a family of X-ers, get the Family 3-Pack for just $19.99!

quad_charger xmasblog


Quad Charger

Peace in our time. That’s what the Quad promises, at least to the bustling household. So many mobile devices, so many souls grappling for power– charging power, that is. Can’t we all just charge along? You can with the Quad USB Wall Charger. Because this amazing, 6.8A high-speed gizmo transforms a single outlet into 4 USB charging ports, all eager to spread the wealth of power to hungry devices. With the compact, lightweight Quad your giftee will be able to simultaneously charge 2 phones and 2 tablets (or 4 phones, or 3 phones and 1 tablet… you get the idea) at maximum speed! No more juggling between devices or taking turns. The foldable prongs means it can slip into a briefcase, handbag or backpack– snag-free– and be the perfect traveling companion. That’s a lot of joy to be spreading for $34.99.

MiniBoom_Wireless_Speaker xmasblog


Listen up. HyperGear’s mighty MiniBoom Wireless Speaker is more than just another pretty face. Sure, it’s cute, compact and colorful, but the real bonus is on the inside (didn’t your mother ever tell you that?). Equipped with a radical 40mm neodymium driver, this unexpectedly powerful speaker can fill a room with crisp, clear audio and a booming bass, so the lucky duck who gets it will never miss a beat. Also, being wireless, the MiniBoom can go anywhere that bigger, clunky speakers are verboten– like the study area in a dorm room, on a nightstand, in the corner of a busy kitchen, or nestled in the modest real estate of an office cubicle. It’s an easy traveler, too, and thanks to advanced wireless technology, it can stray up to 33 feet from the device it’s connected to, and play for up to 5 hours. Or, for those who want their MiniBoom to stay put, it comes with a handy AUX cable for non-wireless operation. It also works as a speakerphone! Really, this isn’t a hard decision.  In fact, the toughest choice about the MiniBoom speaker is, what color to get– black, teal, red, silver, gold or rose gold? Just $14.99, but they don’t need to know that.

quad car charger - HG xmasblog

High-Power Quad USB Car Charger

We’re a multiple-device people who also tend to travel in multiples– ergo, we run out of charging ports in cars. That’s just science talking. So, you can’t go wrong with getting your significant so-and-so the High-Power Quad USB Car Charger. This polymorphic powerhouse puts out 6.8A of rapid charging power for up to 4 devices—smartphones, tablets, GPS navigators, wireless headsets, eReaders, gaming devices, etc.—simultaneously, and at maximum speed. Built for a power-heavy mobile lifestyle, the Quad will take 4 phones, or two phones and two power-hungry tablets, with just a smile and a nod. All ports are equipped with Smart Chips which gauge the devices and adjust the power automatically so that each is getting its optimal charge. Compact and minimalist, the sleek Quad is designed for easy access for all the charging cables, and comes in four attractive finishes; white, black, silver, gold and rose gold. As holiday gifts go, at $19.99, this baby’s a no-brainer.

If you need more ideas, check out HyperGear’s catalog of headphones, speakers, chargers, power banks, smartphone accessories and other mobile gear. No doubt you’ll cover everyone on your list and toss a few extra things in the basket for yourself.



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Hypercel at CES 2018 in Las Vegas, Jan. 9-12 December 1, 2017

ces map invite

Hypercel will be exhibiting at the CES 2018 show in Las Vegas, NV, January 9-12, to share its latest Naztech and HyperGear products, including new accessories from the stylish, women-centric Hello Gorgeous! line. This year Hypercel’s exhibit can be found at the Las Vegas Convention Center’s South Hall 4, Booth #36312. Come by and experience our newest innovations, hands-on. We look forward to seeing you!

For more information, contact Michelle Saltos at

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Xtra Drive Mini: The Must-Have Gadget For Your iPhone X November 14, 2017

This being the Year of the iPhone and all, with the radical overhaul of upgrades and the new X, it comes as no surprise that the market’s getting deluged with new peripheral stuff, all things Apple. That said, there are a number of worthy accessories being introduced that warrant our rapt attention. One is the wireless phone charger, undoubtedly one of the most impactful “here-to-stay” products associated with the iPhone 8, 8S and X. Another is Hypercel’s mind-blowing, memory-expanding, mobile Naztech Xtra Drive Mini.

Custom-made for the latest iOS devices, including iPads, the Mini is Hypercel’s new thumb-sized, high-speed Micro SD card reader, capable of up to 256GB of extra portable storage. Über-handy and pocket-friendly, this plug-and-play gadget lets Apple owners instantly save, store and transfer photos, videos, music, and data without cloud syncing. It comes with a proprietary app (on the App store, no charge) which greatly simplifies backing up and transferring files, and frees up space on the device.

In practical terms, if you’re a photographer, videographer, designer, DJ, realtor, web developer, student, teacher, wedding planner, food & travel blogger, owner of a cat who plays the piano, or just a regular Joe or Jane who perpetually captures life’s moments, the Mini will quickly become your go-to gadget for storing files.

Able to store up to 72 hours of video, the Mini’s perfect for movie lovers and binge-watchers who want to feed their jones on the road. Shows can be watched directly from the drive without using the Apple device’s own memory. Alternately, the drive can also store up to 170,000 photos or 74,000 songs.

The aluminum-alloy Mini drive only weighs about 8 grams and sports a key ring for natural travel. It’s equipped with a built-in MFi Lightning® connector, standard USB connector, and a memory card slot for easy switching out and trafficking between iOS devices.

The Xtra Drive Mini comes with a 16GB Micro SD card and can be upgraded to as much as 256GB. You can find yours at Fry’s Electronics, on Amazon, or at ($59.99 MSRP), backed with a lifetime warranty.

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Charge On and Qi-Lax November 9, 2017

qi_nightstand 2

Wireless charging is one of the hottest mobile technology trends in 2017, so it probably bears some discussion as to what that means to you.

If it isn’t clear already, wireless charging (or inductive charging) is a high-tech feature that allows you to charge your phone without plugging in a cable. Or, for the inner nerd, it’s when an alternating current in the charger is sent through a coil to create a magnetic field, and a second coil in the receiver (phone) converts the magnetic field into electricity, which charges the battery.

Although a few different wireless charging technologies have been jockeying for top position, it appears the Qi (pronounced “chee”– from the Chinese word qi, meaning “energy flow”) format is gaining the most favor, especially since Apple opted to make their iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X, all Qi-friendly (after all, when Apple speaks…). This is great news, actually, because it means customers can purchase a third-party charger for their iPhone instead of a costly proprietary one, should they so choose.

If you have a Qi-ready phone, and then get a wireless charger, all it takes is placing the phone on top of the charger and—ala kazaam!—it’s charging– no strings attached. The other cool thing about wireless is, most Qi-enabled phones (phones that don’t come with Qi, but are built so it can be added) can be equipped with a cost-friendly third-party receiver.

When shopping for your next smartphone, it would be wise to look into whether it’s Qi-ready or at least Qi-enabled. Currently, there are only three tablets that have built-in QI charging ability: the Google Nexus 7 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Note 8 (although you can add an external receiver to your tablet if it is not one of these).

According to LXORY, 53 smartphones to-date are now Qi-ready, including the iPhone X. This number will probably change faster than your socks. There are approximately 90 Qi-enabled phones out there as well.

So, bottom line. What do you get out of a wireless charger? Here are some benefits to consider:

  • It’s convenient. No need to plug/unplug, or disconnect to answer a call.
  • Tidier. No dangling wires.
  • No risk of electric shock due to exposed charging cable ends.
  • No mechanical moving parts = less chance of breaking like charging cables are apt to do.
  • Inexpensive. Most charging pads are less than $35.


If you do finally get  locked and loaded with a Qi setup, then you should immediately download the Aircharge locator app, a wireless charging guide with over 4,500 Qi hotspots worldwide (Mickey D’s, yo; Starbucks), including cafes, restaurants, shops, airports, train stations, hotels and gyms. This app is available for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile.

Using a wireless charger is a great option, especially for those who are looking to shed the number of entangled wires in their lives. So, before getting your charger, do these two things first:

  • Check if your phone or tablet is Qi charger-ready.
  • If not, get the receiver that makes it work.


HyperGear currently offers two excellent new chargers for Qi-ready devices, both very reasonably priced:


  • UFO – Reminiscent of ELO’s “Out of the Blue,” the UFO’s cool, compact flying saucer design houses a cutting-edge wireless charging pad compatible with any Qi-enabled devices. The saucer’s LED charging indicator glows a calming, “nightstand-friendly” blue so it can sit by your bedside without casting an annoying light. MSRP $29.99.


  • Qi Wireless Charging Stand – Unlike wireless pads that only house one coil, HyperGear’s offers three built-in coils which provide a much wider charging area, so you don’t have to sweat placing your phone in precisely one spot every time. Designed for the device to be used while it’s docked, the also-bedside-friendly stand can sit in either portrait or landscape mode, at exactly a 45-degree angle for ideal, hands-free mailbox purging and Breaking Bad binge-watching. MSRP $34.99


It’s a wireless world out there. Isn’t it time to get in touch with your Qi?

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