Throw Your Favorite Music in a Beach Bag and Go July 23, 2014

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Right about the time beach season starts to roll around you can bet that summer enthusiasts are going to start flocking to those products which will contribute to the debauchery in which they are about to partake. Over the last couple of years portable and Bluetooth speakers have become some of the most must-have beach-going electronics. Where sun and sand are involved, many people are beginning to figure out that they can avoid mixing gross, wet, and sticky sand with their already knotted tangle of wires or simply bypass slippery sweat-filled eardrums by bringing along a no muss-no fuss, durable Bluetooth speaker.

If there is any drawback of which to speak, some discerning individuals have complained that they feel sound quality isn’t quite as good as previous non-Bluetooth speaker devices, but most don’t notice a big enough difference to prevent them from purchasing these convenient little music-blaring receptacles. Lately, it isn’t uncommon to take a trip down to the coast and notice a beach volleyball match taking place with that convenient little cube propped up on an adjacent beach chair, blasting Top 40 hits of the summer.

As their popularity increases, don’t be surprised to see these little suckers start popping up in more and more places (however random or unexpected). It may be best to simply take them as they come and listen to the eclectic music that’s likely to whiz past your ears as someone bikes on by with their version of the best Bluetooth speaker in tow… you might just like what you hear!

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