Battle of the Giants! Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus goes up against Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 & LG’s G3! September 16, 2014

Check out the latest article from CNET on Apple’s attempt to take over the “Phablet” market with their new iPhone 6 Plus! To see Hypercel’s full line of products exclusively for the iPhone 6 please visit us at


“The days of Android fanboys and fangirls mercilessly mocking the 4-inch Apple iPhone screen are over. The 5.5-inch Apple iPhone 6 Plus (and to a lesser extent the 4.7-inch iPhone 6) smash the iPhone screen record, and in doing so, start competing toe-to-toe with today’s top big-screen phones. LG’s 5.5-inch G3 and Samsung’s freshly unveiled Galaxy Note 4 (and kooky Note 4 Edge) rise to the top in terms of stature and specs. Here’s how Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus compares.” – CNET



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