The Age of Technological Absence and Dissonance July 23, 2014

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Have you ever felt yourself wondering what happened to that potential job opportunity or possible Friday night date liaison? It can be supremely frustrating to have a hot lead or hypothetically significant contact drop off the face of the earth after multiple amiable and leading conversations that seemed to have been going somewhere exciting. As technology becomes more and more popular, face to face conversation seems to become more and more obscure. While technology has made our lives easier on a daily basis, it has also provided us with endless excuses as to why we disappear without a second word to be heard… whether it is via smartphone, desktop, tablet, or whatever else with which you choose to converse.

People are just failing to communicate in some instances when it comes to their favorite electronic method because of the sheer amount of communication they are expected to deal with. This act of avoidance can lead to some serious discord among mobile communicators. In this day and age it seems that simply disconnecting is no longer an option… but when it happens, and that person is just incognito or seemingly vanished- this is called, “ghosting.” Business’ are realizing that this tactic can be used as an excuse when responding (or failing to respond) to applicants. Likewise, the same is true for online dating when a potential person of interest has a change of heart.

Don’t be surprised if this happens to you and the person in question pops back up randomly to declare that their internet was “out,” had “no reception,” or managed to “break every device at the exact same time.” It is understandable to want to break free and disconnect from the electronics that plague you every day… however, it is important to understand that as time has gone forward humans have begun to connect differently. If your main method of communication is based in electronics, possibly warn someone who counts on that fact before “unplugging” completely.

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