Samsung Galaxy Note 9: The Next Big Thing August 2, 2018

Fasten your seatbelts, folks, the next big thing in the smartphone universe is hurtling this way, barely letting us take a breath since the last blitz (not that we’re not jazzed about it, of course). Once again, Samsung—that marvel mill of mobile devices—is announcing their newest champion destined to take the “Crown” (the new smartphone’s codename) of high-profile Android phones in 2018.

On August 9, Samsung takes the wraps off its Galaxy Note 9— the latest incarnation of its mondo phablet line— in Brooklyn, NY at 11 am EST (8 am PST), ahead of its customary late-August schedule (we’re sure this pushed-up date has nothing to do with Apple’s X2 and iPhone 9 release in September). From all reports, the new smartphone (available for pre-order mid-August and in stores August 24) won’t disappoint– no surprise there; the Notes have always been crowd-pleasers, with their ample screens, S Pen styli and plethora of power. And, though we can’t tell you everything about the newest member of the Samsung family, we are able to share a few features that’ll be sure to get your attention:


Stretching 162mm from nose to tail, and 76.3mm from side to side, the Note 9 will be a tad shorter, but wider, than its predecessor (162.5 x 74.8mm). It’s also slightly thicker than the previous Note (from 8.6 to 8.8mm). That said, the phone’s size will basically be the same as the screen remains at 6.3 inches. The picture at the top of this article appears to be a leaked official image, which, if accurate, shows a next-to-identical design to the Note 8, with a USB-C port, 3.5mm headphone jack, microphone, speaker grill and S Pen slot, as well as a metal frame and glass back. To keep it all pretty, it’ll also have the IP68 rating for protection against dust and water.

Another leaked pic, this one from @OnLeaks, also reveals the return of Samsung’s amazing dual-lens camera (possibly with S9’s variable aperture and super slomo video) and fingerprint scanner (this time below the camera) on the back.

While the Note’s shape might not have changed much, the colors may have. Reports indicate blue, copper, silver, violet and black will be this year’s options. If true, that’s a pretty snazzy selection, one sure to attract a wide net of folks.

There’s also talk about the Note 9 possibly being made of a new material that Samsung trademarked as ‘Metal 12’ – a new strong, light magnesium alloy that could very well kick the aluminum can to the curb. A durable alternative to aluminum and a lot lighter than titanium? Where do I sign?

Under the Hood

One of el jefes of the mobile world who took a 9 prototype out for a spin reports that the new Note 9 comes equipped with a 4000mAh battery capacity (another source put it at 3850mAh) that can deliver around 23 to 25 hours of video playback at max brightness before needing to recharge, and around 1-2 days of regular use.

As for the S Pen, the report goes on to state that it’ll support Bluetooth connectivity, new work modes, and will be able to remotely unlock the Note 9.

Here are the rumored stats in a nutshell:

Operating System:                  Android Oreo

Processor:                               Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 or Exynos 9810

(rumors of an Exynos 9820, too, which would crush the iPhone X’s chipset)

Screen:                                    6.3” Quad HD (2960 x 1440) Super AMOLED panel; 18.5:9 aspect ratio

 RAM:                                                          6GB / 8GB

Storage:                                                      128GB / 256GB / 512GB

Expandability:                                            microSD up to 2TB

Camera:                                                      Dual-camera setup with variable aperature and super slomo at 960fps

 Battery:                                                      4,000mAh

Connectivity:                                              USB-C; 3.5mm headphone jack

Security:                                                     Fingerprint scanner, iris scanner, face unlock

NFC:                                                           Yes

Samsung CEO DJ Koh recently spotted at media event with his Note 9

Now on to the REAL Important Stuff

The AR Emoji, of course! (just kidding)

It’s probably foolhardy to dare dream the 9’s price will drop from last year. The Note 8 came in at $950, and if I were to hazard a guess, I’d say the 9 will be the same or a tad more. On the other hand, Samsung could actually pull a repeat and debut the Note 9 at a lower price than the Note 8, like they did with the Galaxy S9 and S8. Like I said, dare to dream. Either way, it’s still a hunka-hunka burning phone for less than the price of a standard-sized iPhone X.

As the rumors and leaks keep flying, the best we can do is hang tight and wait for the unveiling… our index fingers poised over the Buy button on the Samsung site.



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