What’s the Best MagBuddy Wireless Charge Phone Mount For You? July 23, 2018

As we’ve been saying for a while now, the new MagBuddy Wireless Charge magnetic phone mounts are the best compact smartphone mounting + charging solutions on the market. The cradle-free automotive mounts occupy minimal space while maximally safeguarding the driving experience—securing the phone at eye level, maintaining an easy reach and powerful grip as you navigate, make calls and DJ your music. Also, the mount’s Wireless Charge is engineered to serve up as much as 15W of power (3x that of a standard charge) and accommodate the widest range of Qi-friendly devices, including the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, X, Samsung Galaxy S9, S9+, and so on.

So, the question isn’t should you get a MagBuddy Wireless Charge, but which one you should get; the Dash, Windshield or Vent model? Truth is, they’re all equally up to the task, it mostly depends on you, your preferences and the design of your vehicle. Let’s take a look at each and hopefully this makes for a clearer choice:

MagBuddy Wireless Charge Dash Mount

MagBuddy Wireless Charge Dash Mount

The Dash Mount

In certain situations the dashboard mount does have advantages over the others. For example, in vehicles with steeply sloped windshields– such as the Honda Civic— a glass-mounted phone can end up too far away for the driver to operate safely. There are also some (albeit rare) occasions where a car vent’s design won’t accommodate the vent phone mount. Here again, the Dash is an ideal solution. Finally, the dashboard mount serves the driver who prefers the straight-ahead view as opposed to a little higher or lower. The MagBuddy Wireless Charge Dash quickly attaches to your dashboard console (or, yes, your windshield). It comes equipped with an extendable pivoting arm that stretches up to 8-inches for perfect positioning– up, down, right or left– and its built-in swivel ball will turn and tilt 360° for any viewing angle. And since the mount is free of any arms, legs or brackets, you won’t suffer the hassle of snagging your charger cable or reaching around to get to the console’s ports and buttons.


MagBuddy Wireless Windshield Phone Mount

The Windshield Mount

Probably the most widespread and commonly used of the mounting options, the Windshield is top of the list for a number of reasons. Employing the combination of a powerful suction, ultra-sticky gel pad and locking-lever system, the mount secures firmly to your car’s windshield while the magnetic base’s four rare-earth magnets solidly grip your phone securely to itself. This is a prime mounting location because it places the phone at eye level, meaning that you won’t have to look around in a panic to double check navigation directions. Like the Dash, the Windshield installs in seconds. There are only a very few circumstances where a windshield mount wouldn’t be a great choice for your car: One exception might be if you’re dealing with a very laid-back, gun-slit windshield– like on the Nissan 370Z or Hyundai Santé Fe– where there’s potential to block a substantial bit of your forward visibility. Also, some states have laws dictating exactly where on the windshield you’re allowed to place the mount (it would be prudent to check your local laws before getting a surprise citation) and maybe you just don’t like it there. That said, most vehicles—and laws—in the country are prime real estate for the Windshield mount, and this bad boy should be seriously considered.


MagBuddy Wireless Vent Phone Mount

The Vent Mount

Depending on the configuration of your vehicle’s HVAC system on the console, the oft-overlooked vent phone mount can be the best of both worlds, having the high-mounting position of a Windshield mount, but with the low profile and unobstructed view of the Dashboard. Traditional rectangular or oblong vents with stationary grilles are the best type for this mounting method (circular vents tend to be too deep and unstable). A major plus in favor of MagBuddy’s Vent is the ease with which it can be removed and replaced on the dash. Sporting powerful universal grips that can accommodate a wide spectrum of thick and thin grills, the Vent is ideal for the driver who doesn’t need a full-time mount and can easily pluck it off when they need the heat on full-blast, or any maximum air flow, for that matter. Another strong argument for the Vent is, unlike the dash or windshield, it doesn’t take up any of your view– yet remains completely IN view and accessible to reach.


MagBuddy Wireless Desktop Phone Mount

The Desktop Mount

Now that you’ve got your vehicle all set with a phone mount, how about your home and office? Imagine the freedom of having your smartphone poised beside your PC or laptop, fast-charging and ready to serve, taking calls and firing up apps with the touch of a finger, selfies at the keyboard, etc. The MagBuddy Desktop offers all this and more! Armed with the same charging power, magnetic grip and adjustability as the automotive models, the Desktop also comes with an optional Apple Watch mount that seamlessly attaches the watch’s charger and powers it up as it charges your smartphone.

Whichever MagBuddy Wireless Charge magnetic phone mount you choose, you’ll be taking possession of one of the industry’s most powerful, cutting edge devices that both simplifies and energizes your world. Check them all out now at Naztech.com!

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