Consult a Car’s Console for Potent Power? Well Iron my Socks and Call me Nancy! July 28, 2014

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I was all packed and ready to go for my long-awaited road trip to Oregon… or so I had thought. I really didn’t contemplate it was at all possible to have forgotten anything, seeing as though my rental car was full to the brim of every foreseeable essential I thought I could possibly need for a fifteen hour drive and five day/six night “vay-cay” in Portland. However, two hours into the trip, and just having beaten peak traffic hours, my phone PING-ed around the car in a desperate signal to inform me that it was in fact running low on precious power levels.

It was in that stomach-dropping moment I realized that I had in fact forgotten to bring any semblance of a power-source for my essential everyday lifeline… (ahem)…smartphone. In supreme annoyance at my lack of intelligent prowess I tossed my nearly lifeless device into the console next to me and released a heavy, sighing huff of frustration. Less than five seconds into my grumbling epitaph, an entirely unfamiliar (but utterly welcome) sound came softly trilling from my dejected phone accompanied by the pacifying virtual image of a battery being filled amid the dark background.

Upon realizing that this glorious rental car came with a Qi wireless charging station right in the exact spot I had just haphazardly tossed my phone, I’m not ashamed to say that I then initiated my very first fist pump ever with splendid success.

That brilliant little apparatus quickly became the topic of the trip… wireless charging capabilities, built-in to a car? What a concept!

The road trip was a decided achievement and after grudgingly returning, what I believed to be a state-of-the-art technological triumph, more commonly known as a rental car… I less than gracefully plopped back into my old jalopy and stared with unimpressed disinterest at the black snakelike cord arrogantly slithering out of the cigarette lighter, waiting for me to ever-dutifully plug-in my smartphone.

Follow up research on my end surrounding this new and exciting phenomenon revealed that Qi wireless charging pad stations are going to be a standard feature in almost every new car model in the conceivable future. Of course, I then hastily picked two up for both my desks at home and office then decided it was time for an all new ride – watch out rental car lot!

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