Grab on Tight, You’re Carrying around a Computer! July 23, 2014

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As smartphones become more and more popular, brands are continually improving their technology so as to stay relevant and up to date within the industry. As the technological improvement of smartphones becomes increasingly more enhanced, prices also start moving into the increasingly more enhanced realm as well. Unfortunately, these spikes have inevitably led to an increase in smartphone-theft related incidents.

There is no foreseeable trend decline where this piracy push is concerned as it seems that only a greater percentage of the population is indeed coming into a greater number of smartphones type devices. Half of the problem has to do with the fact that a lot of these individuals don’t view their mobile phone as an expensive commodity (some can cost as much as a mid-range flat screen television)… they instead haphazardly tote-around or hold their phones with the jaded view that it is still just a small electronic gadget that merely fits in their hand. The amount of online videos, in which another smartphone-ferrying individual, happens to catch a lady on camera simply scrolling through her texts with a limp hand on her daily subway commute, only to have a stealthy pickpocket wait for the perfect moment, grab the phone, and dash out the door just as it closes. The train then ultimately whisks her off to the next stop, leaving her without any hope of catching, or even spotting him.

Situations like this have prompted law-makers to take notice and begin imposing harsher consequences as a result. However, smartphone designers and savvy consumers are also beginning to take additional measures in the protection of these portable investments by implementing features like fingerprint scanners and automatic shut-off switches controlled by the user or phone provider in the event of a theft-related incident. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg, with products like protective cases that can also implement finger scanners, those gadget grabbing robbers may have to start developing some more complex courses of action if they want to keep up their farce… or maybe, just develop some job-attaining virtues instead?

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