CRASH! … Dropped your Phone Again? July 23, 2014

dropped, cracked phone screen

It’s no secret that bigger phone screens come with bigger cracks and ultimately, bigger replacement prices. When a phone is dropped these days, surrounding gasps, deep hisses, and other sounds of sympathy echo round-the-room in unison from nearby witnesses. Everyone knows the financial consequences of letting that three hundred dollar or more investment drop to the asphalt… steep and unforgiving.

With each drop and broken screen or LCD, consumers are starting to realize it may be worth those few extra dollars to slap something on top of that very fragile screen deemed “gorilla.” It would surely be something to see an over-sized monkey stomp on smartphone glass and prove that whoever came up with this term was really, very sorely mistaken.

After having to get multiple wireless phone screens replaced at numerous repair shops, buyers in the market are starting to shakedown the shelves for anything that will make this tedious transaction less frequent. Products like tempered glass, covers, and cases are selling like hotcakes because consumers don’t want to purchase pricey insurance policies yet still protect their idolized investment. Understandably so, because often times replacing or fixing the most popular mobile phone screens of today can cost as much as the phone itself is actually worth!

While prospects of modifying the original designs of valued mobile phones to be at all bulkier in any way seems unattractive, the alternative tends to be multiple cracks, scratches and the possibility of painfully cut up digits. Looks like it’s finally time for your phone to cover up… or suffer the constant, unsightly and rather pricey consequences!

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