The Wireless Revolution December 26, 2014

It’s puzzling, truly. Remote charging is, from various perspectives, the sacred chalice of buyer gadgets. In this present reality where its conceivable to send HD feature signs, encompass sound, and terabytes of information over the air, the main remaining wire to be sliced is the wire that constrict our phones to the wall socket. The most fundamental tech enthusiast  can comprehend the potential advantages of wireless charging, and I’d wager that practically nobody would admit to leaning toward a charger with wires over the thought of one without.

Despite the pending revolution, some individuals and their phones are still held captive to the wall socket. There are a few phone manufacturers that have grabbed their surfboards in anticipation of the wireless charging wave.

LG’s Nexus 4 and Nokia’s lead Lumia line both incorporated wireless Qi charging technology. Other popular phones like the Samsung Galaxy s4 and S5 utilize wireless charging and have been at the forefront of Qi technology. Check out this list of Qi enable phones. (Qi enabled – Phones that have wireless charging capabilities)

Furthermore, there are mobile phone accessory manufacturers that have taking the wireless world by storm with introductions of Qi enabled accessories. Hypercel is proud to introduce their wireless charging Qi technology line which include the colorful collection of Nano Charging Pads, the Wireless ULTRA Charging Pad, and the Qi Charger + Powerbank Combo. For phones that are not manufactured with Qi wireless technology, Hypercel also distributes cell phones accessories to configured most phones to wireless charging capabilities. Check out the Qi Micro USB Receiver for micro USB enabled phone users.

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