Grab on Tight, You’re Essentially Carrying around a Computer!

As smartphones become more and more popular, brands are continually improving their technology so as to stay relevant and up to date within the industry. As the technological improvement of smartphones becomes increasingly more enhanced, prices also start moving into the increasingly more enhanced realm as well. Unfortunately, these spikes have inevitably led to an […]

CRASH! … Dropped your Phone Again?

It’s no secret that bigger phone screens come with bigger cracks and ultimately, bigger replacement prices. When a phone is dropped these days, surrounding gasps, deep hisses, and other sounds of sympathy echo round-the-room in unison from nearby witnesses. Everyone knows the financial consequences of letting that three hundred dollar or more investment drop to […]

Throw Your Favorite Music in a Beach Bag and Go

Right about the time beach season starts to roll around you can bet that summer enthusiasts are going to start flocking to those products which will contribute to the debauchery in which they are about to partake. Over the last couple of years portable and Bluetooth speakers have become some of the most must-have beach-going […]

The Age of Technological Absence and Dissonance

Have you ever felt yourself wondering what happened to that potential job opportunity or possible Friday night date liaison? It can be supremely frustrating to have a hot lead or hypothetically significant contact drop off the face of the earth after multiple amiable and leading conversations that seemed to have been going somewhere exciting. As […]