Grab on Tight, You’re Essentially Carrying around a Computer!

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As smartphones become more and more popular, brands are continually improving their technology so as to stay relevant and up to date within the industry. As the technological improvement of smartphones becomes increasingly more enhanced, prices also start moving into the increasingly more enhanced realm as well. Unfortunately, these spikes have inevitably led to an increase in smartphone-theft related incidents.

There is no foreseeable trend decline where this piracy push is concerned as it seems that only a greater percentage of the population is indeed coming into a greater number of smartphones type devices. Half of the problem has to do with the fact that a lot of these individuals don’t view their mobile phone as an expensive commodity (some can cost as much as a mid-range flat screen television)… they instead haphazardly tote-around or hold their phones with the jaded view that it is still just a small electronic gadget that merely fits in their hand. The amount of online videos, in which another smartphone-ferrying individual, happens to catch a lady on camera simply scrolling through her texts with a limp hand on her daily subway commute, only to have a stealthy pickpocket wait for the perfect moment, grab the phone, and dash out the door just as it closes. The train then ultimately whisks her off to the next stop, leaving her without any hope of catching, or even spotting him.

Situations like this have prompted law-makers to take notice and begin imposing harsher consequences as a result. However, smartphone designers and savvy consumers are also beginning to take additional measures in the protection of these portable investments by implementing features like fingerprint scanners and automatic shut-off switches controlled by the user or phone provider in the event of a theft-related incident. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg, with products like protective cases that can also implement finger scanners, those gadget grabbing robbers may have to start developing some more complex courses of action if they want to keep up their farce… or maybe, just develop some job-attaining virtues instead?

CRASH! … Dropped your Phone Again?

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It’s no secret that bigger phone screens come with bigger cracks and ultimately, bigger replacement prices. When a phone is dropped these days, surrounding gasps, deep hisses, and other sounds of sympathy echo round-the-room in unison from nearby witnesses. Everyone knows the financial consequences of letting that three hundred dollar or more investment drop to the asphalt… steep and unforgiving.

With each drop and broken screen or LCD, consumers are starting to realize it may be worth those few extra dollars to slap something on top of that very fragile screen deemed “gorilla.” It would surely be something to see an over-sized monkey stomp on Smartphone glass and prove that whoever came up with this term was really, very sorely mistaken.

After having to get multiple wireless phone screens replaced at numerous repair shops, buyers in the market are starting to shakedown the shelves for anything that will make this tedious transaction less frequent. Products like tempered glass, covers, and cases are selling like hotcakes because consumers don’t want to purchase pricey insurance policies yet still protect their idolized investment. Understandably so, because often times replacing or fixing the most popular mobile phone screens of today can cost as much as the phone itself is actually worth!

While prospects of modifying the original designs of valued mobile phones to be at all bulkier in any way seems unattractive, the alternative tends to be multiple cracks, scratches and the possibility of painfully cut up digits. Looks like it’s finally time for your phone to cover up… or suffer the constant, unsightly and rather pricey consequences!

Throw Your Favorite Music in a Beach Bag and Go

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Right about the time beach season starts to roll around you can bet that summer enthusiasts are going to start flocking to those products which will contribute to the debauchery in which they are about to partake. Over the last couple of years portable and Bluetooth speakers have become some of the most must-have beach-going electronics. Where sun and sand are involved, many people are beginning to figure out that they can avoid mixing gross, wet, and sticky sand with their already knotted tangle of wires or simply bypass slippery sweat-filled eardrums by bringing along a no muss-no fuss, durable Bluetooth speaker.

If there is any drawback of which to speak, some discerning individuals have complained that they feel sound quality isn’t quite as good as previous non-Bluetooth speaker devices, but most don’t notice a big enough difference to prevent them from purchasing these convenient little music-blaring receptacles. Lately, it isn’t uncommon to take a trip down to the coast and notice a beach volleyball match taking place with that convenient little cube propped up on an adjacent beach chair, blasting Top 40 hits of the summer.

As their popularity increases, don’t be surprised to see these little suckers start popping up in more and more places (however random or unexpected). It may be best to simply take them as they come and listen to the eclectic music that’s likely to whiz past your ears as someone bikes on by with their version of the best Bluetooth speaker in tow… you might just like what you hear!

The Age of Technological Absence and Dissonance

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Have you ever felt yourself wondering what happened to that potential job opportunity or possible Friday night date liaison? It can be supremely frustrating to have a hot lead or hypothetically significant contact drop off the face of the earth after multiple amiable and leading conversations that seemed to have been going somewhere exciting. As technology becomes more and more popular, face to face conversation seems to become more and more obscure. While technology has made our lives easier on a daily basis, it has also provided us with endless excuses as to why we disappear without a second word to be heard… whether it is via smartphone, desktop, tablet, or whatever else with which you choose to converse.

People are just failing to communicate in some instances when it comes to their favorite electronic method because of the sheer amount of communication they are expected to deal with. This act of avoidance can lead to some serious discord amongst mobile communicators. In this day and age it seems that simply disconnecting is no longer an option… but when it happens, and that person is just incognito or seemingly vanished- this is called, “ghosting.” Business’ are realizing that this tactic can be used as an excuse when responding (or failing to respond) to applicants. Likewise, the same is true for online dating when a potential person of interest has a change of heart.

Don’t be surprised if this happens to you and the person in question pops back up randomly to declare that their internet was “out,” had “no reception,” or managed to “break every device at the exact same time.” It is understandable to want to break free and disconnect from the electronics that plague you every day… however, it is important to understand that as time has gone forward humans have begun to connect differently. If your main method of communication is based in electronics, possibly warn someone who counts on that fact before “unplugging” completely.